UKOG is an oil and gas company which specialises in investing in new geological ideas, concepts and methodologies to find and produce oil from previously unexplored rock formations within established oil-producing basins.

Since relisting on London’s AIM market (“AIM”) at end-2013, driven initially by the successful Horse Hill Portland and Kimmeridge oil discoveries in 2014, our UK-focused asset acquisitions and successful investee drilling programme has made UKOG one of the most recognised and stand-out players in the entire UK onshore sector.

UKOG has a portfolio of direct and indirect interests in eight UK onshore exploration, appraisal, development and production assets, all situated within the Weald and Purbeck-Wight Basins of southern England. We are by far the largest acreage holder in the south of England, and the fourth largest in the overall UK onshore, with assets covering 791.5 gross km².

UKOG’s portfolio includes five non-Kimmeridge Limestone conventional oil discoveries together with a significant industry-leading position in the new flagship KL oil deposit or “play”. This exciting new play has the potential for exceptional growth in the near and foreseeable future.

UKOG, as the creator of the KL play, holds by far the largest acreage position within the play’s most prospective area or “sweet spot”, covering 672 gross km². Our sweet spot licences are independently calculated to contain a significant 21% of the play’s total resource with a mean or average Kimmeridge oil in the ground within UKOG licences of 17 billion barrels.

We have built a portfolio that has the potential to generate significant returns for the Company and its shareholders. It includes a balanced portfolio of low-risk oil & gas production, appraisal and development assets as well as high upside exploration assets.