Licence number: PEDL143
UKOG interest: 40% 

UKOG holds a 40% interest in PEDL143, located immediately to the west of the Horse Hill licence PEDL137. PEDL143 is operated by Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc and contains the undrilled Holmwood prospect. PEDL143 lies immediately to the west of UKOG’s PEDL137 Horse Hill licence.

Further detailed information on the Holmwood prospect can be found on the website Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc, including Holmwood CPR. Click here to download CPR.

All necessary planning consents are now in place for the drilling of the Holmwood-1 exploration well. This well will test the Portland sandstone, Kimmeridge Clay and Corallian targets, in an analogous trap configuration to the Horse Hill-1 oil discovery. Holmwood-1 drilling will most likely take place in late 2016 or 2017.

PEDL143 and Holmwood Prospect Location Map

Source: Europa

Gross mean unrisked prospective resources of 5.6 MMbbl of oil were estimated in a CPR published by Europa in June 2012. If successful, this would make Holmwood the UK’s fifth largest onshore field. Combined with a one in three chance of success, Holmwood is considered by Europa as “one of the best undrilled conventional prospects in onshore UK”.

In addition, Holmwood-1 will provide a further valuable “proof of concept” step in UKOG’s Kimmeridge tight oil play.

Top Portland Sandstone Time Structure Map, Holmwood Prospect

Source: Europa